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Goodbye♪♫melody. . .

Heather "LYNN" Lucas
25 March 1991
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» 'bout me
Name: LYNN
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White/German

» under my skin
×I try to see things for what they are and face situations honestly. I'd much rather get to the point than stumbling and looking for what's good. And yet, I'm the kind of person that can hold a gruge. You have to show at least some effort people without being closeminded. I don't take shit from others, although I have a hard time openly saying to his/her face what a bitch he/she may be.
×I am currently getting private Korean lessons and then I will move on to college to get at least a bachelors degree in something. I am going to try to teach English in South Korea and hopefully maybe learn some Japanese while I am there. Possibly I can become a translator for a music company or even just a publisher. My backup plan is to try to become a rehabilitation teacher a.k.a. a physical therapist. I am actually trying to make something of my life.

» K-Pop (interest)
TVXQ SHINee 2PM U-Kiss SISTAR Rain (Bi) 2AM SNSD Super Junior Wonder Girls Younha SS501 Z:eA Lee Hyori f(x) Brown Eyed Girls MBLAQ BEAST
» J-Pop/Rock (cont.)
TeniMyu Hidemasa Shiozawa Yuuta Furukawa Versailles Fukui Mai Miyavi ON/OFF Utada Hikaru Kimeru Dir en Grey Pureboys An Cafe Matenrou Opera alice nine. Masataka Nakagauchi Okumura Hatsune Lm.C Mr. Children Gazette SuG Gackt Rie Fu Minami Kizuki DEW Kanon Wakeshima ayaka HYDE Kato Kazuki
» Misc (cont.)
Koizora 1 Litre of Tears A Millionaire's First Love Last Friends Akai Ito Battle Royale One Missed Call Dear Friends Yomei Ikkagetsu no Hanayome Hana Kimi Nobuta wo Produce Tatta Hitotsu no Koi Ryusei no Kizuna Death Note Ouran High School Host Club Fullmetal Alchemist Gravitation
» Dislikes
» Credit
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